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About Life Water Media

“We don’t keep up with the trends, we set them”

Our Core Values

With over 15 years of combined experience, Life Water Media founders set out to disrupt traditional marketing practices. Guided by our core values, our dedicated teams will assist you in meeting your business objectives


Granular, real-time measurement for your brand campaign, delivering omnichannel programmatic advertising, AI implementations, and predictive KPI modelling. ​


Our team works by your side to provide strategic direction and uncover optimization decisions to improve advertising effectiveness. Let’s take your campaigns to the next level.


We pride ourselves on being the go-to experts in the industry. Our goal is to create customers for life through reimagined experiences and exceptional value.

“Our clients are so pleased with our service that we have a 90% retention and renewal rate.”
David Peña
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What Makes Us Different?

Putting Our Clients First Since Day One

Doing right by our clients and understanding what’s important to them now, and years from now, guides us every single day.

Helping You Leverage the Power of a Good Story

At Life Water Media our experienced creative team digs in and starts with a big idea or a well-told story about your company. We make sure your story connects your company’s present with your vision of the future. We do this through our constant feedback loop that helps refine and improve your story through creative ingenuity and user analytics.

Becoming an Extension of Your Business

Our mission is to be become the partner of choice for your business. That’s why, we always put you first and at the heart of everything we do. We pride ourselves on remaining flexible, thinking differently and continuing to be ambitious for you every step of the way.

"Success for me is defined by seeing company growth thru helping clients and helping our employees."
David Peña

Our Founder

David Peña

As the first-generation son of an immigrant family, David Peña learned his strong work ethic at a young age. His work experience started with long hours of hard labor, which then shifted to the hospitality industry. David found his calling in sales as he quickly rose through the ranks becoming a top salesman and regional manager. For over 12 years, David has focused on online marketing. As a result of strong relationships and implementing the knowledge of advertising on a plethora of verticals, he planted the seeds for Life Water Media. Fun fact: sports mohawk, avid weightlifter.

"Ultimately, a value exchange matters the most. No matter what, if you bring somebody value, if you make somebody laugh, if you make somebody think, if you deliver on your promise, that is always going to work out, no matter how you do that."
Gary Vaynerchuck

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