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Display Ads Marketing

Display advertising is a common form of online digital advertising, one of the oldest and most used. This includes the use of text, picture or video ads that encourage a specific user to click on a link that will normally lead to the landing page or another website. The aim of the landing page is to encourage the user to proceed.

Display Ads

What are display Ads?

Display advertisement is an attractive way for the viewer to perform particular actions on a website, social media network or other interactive media. These are also text, picture or video ads that allow the user to click on a destination page and act (e.g. make a purchase).

Most campaigns are paid per click (CPC) for display and internet advertising. This means you can charge a sum depending on your total bidding strategy each time a user clicks on a search engine.

What is the location of Display ads?

Life Water Media ads are typically shown on relevant third-party web pages, social media channels or other multimedia formats. In addition, they should be placed in the top of the page and have a captivating title or picture, in order to improve their overall efficiency and click through ad prices.

How our ad services functions/Works?

Strategy and structure of campaigns

Without a strategy, you cannot build a good publicity campaign. We at Life Water Media are beginning to create a detailed marketing plan focused on your market objectives. After identifying the right viewing networks and publishers to help you meet your target demographic, we are setting up your strategy to position your company from the very beginning for success.

Expertise in targeting

To be competitive, you need to know exactly what you are trying to convert to your populations, habits, and websites. We split the advertising demographic down and assess and decide how best to target keywords and website placements. Then we keep monitoring and optimizing the campaign to constantly push results.

How our ad services functions/Works?

Ad Improvement Strategies

When the plan and framework of your campaign is in motion, we work on maximizing your bid and advertising to provide guidance. With explicit calls for action to optimize click-through rates, our experienced design team will create advisories which ensure that they resonate with your brand and message. We also build several iterations of your A/B ads to compare them, pausing the lowest results, and boosting the other ads to better constantly.


Strategy and design of landing pages

Landing pages are the best tool for a marketer to capture and transform contact information. To maximize relevance and promote conversions, we are developing personalized landing page tactics. Our in-house design experts ensure that each landing page matches your ad and offer and continues to be aligned with the branding of the business.

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What are the benefits of display ads advertising?

As in all ads, show campaigns will come with their own advantages and disadvantages. Let us look at their advantages and benefits before we receive some actionable and comprehensive guidance on how to add display advertising to your business.

  • Diversity: advertising of multiple forms and sizes are shown. They can be seen in a variety of formats, as you see above. You should then select a styling and publicity format to help you meet your targets.
  • Achievement: You will directly view millions of websites on your Google Ads account thanks to the Google Display Network (GDN).
  • Targeting: Due to the wide scope of GDN, the advertising can also be shown on the right pages to target the right audience. This covers ethnic and geo-targeting and the target audience’s diverse preferences.

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