Retargeting Solutions


Retargeting Solutions

“97 percent of users who visit the platform for the first time leave without doing anything, and they are gone for good. Unless you can resurrect them.”


Why Retargeting?

If you felt you didn’t need a retargeting tool as part of your marketing plan, think again:

  • For starters, retargeting outperforms all other ad and product positioning tactics with a 1,046 percent efficiency score.
  • Second, 87.9 percent of marketers consider retargeting platforms to be their most common method of marketing campaign.
  • Third, 33 percent of advertisers use retargeting advertising and remarketing tools to successfully gain new target audiences.
  • Finally, retargeting ad networks and remarketing solutions contribute to a 6.5 percent reduction in consumer cart abandonment.

Why retargeting is very important for businesses?

After your customer abandons your website without purchasing, retargeting reminds them of your goods and services. After visiting specific pages, it helps you to retarget them and display related visual or text advertisements to your users as they visit other websites. Google Ads, Facebook retargeting, LinkedIn Ads, and other retargeting advertising channels can be used to run retargeting campaigns. Today’s serious advertisers rely on retargeting to connect with their customers and increase sales and customer loyalty.

Advertisers may use retargeting campaigns, also known as re-engagement campaigns, to reach new users and accelerate specific encounters. Retargeting is an excellent method for reactivating lapsed customers, targeting users with unique deals based on their tastes, upselling users who recently completed transactions of specific activities, and re-engaging users who recently uninstalled an app. Retargeting strategies are meticulously tested against particular key performance indicators (KPIs).


When can retargeting campaigns be used?

  • Retargeting is intended to be a long-term campaign tool for companies that already have a fan base. Google remarketing advertisements are ideal if the website receives at least 100 monthly visitors.
  • Bestsellers are being promoted. Retargeting advertisements are a quick and efficient way to highlight the best-selling products. In addition, marketing products that your existing consumers enjoy will help turn travellers into customers and raise the ROI of your advertising.
  • New collections are being introduced. When unveiling a new product range, people who are interested in your brand who visit your website are a perfect demographic to attract. Your retargeting advertisements will grab their attention everywhere they go online, directing them back to your shop to see what’s new. This can be accomplished by Google AdWords display marketing or Facebook retargeting campaigns.
  • Stock is being moved. You’ve also worked with slow-moving inventory as an online trader at some point. Retargeting advertisements are a low-cost, low-effort way to display prospective consumers leftover merchandise from your shop.

What role does re-targeting play in your marketing strategy?

To guarantee that none of your clients slip between the cracks, you must have more than one marketing platform. According to Google, mixing retargeting with other forms of advertisement will help you sell 50% more products.

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