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With over 35 years in the industry, Life Water Media has been disrupting the traditional marketing dynamic through creativity and deep industry knowledge to drive long-term business value to our clients.

Our Core Values

LifeWater Media is committed towards consistency over quantities, and only the best employees produce quality outcomes through perseverance, accountability, and coordination. Hence, this ensures that we are still up to the demands, up front and trust in positive relationships with our own customers, employees, and teams.


We are guided by a desire to do the best job possible when bringing modern technologies to its limits. And we achieve results that we can be proud of.


Our clients from across the globe will benefit from our effective digital marketing services. What we learn from you is the driving force behind our job. We make certain that we recognise and achieve the digital marketing objectives. We don’t make recommendations based on hunches, but rather on clear, rational reasoning.


We’re not like the rest, with several years of experience both in-house and agency-side within the digital industry, we’re experts in generating exposure, driving revenue, and growing brands.


You get a talented team that is intensely conscientious and has the ambition and know-how to propel your brand to be the best it can be. We’ve hand-picked a talented, ambitious team of experts who know everything there is to know about digital marketing.


David Pena

As the first-generation son of an immigrant family, David Pena learned his strong work ethic at a young age. His work experience started with long hours of hard labor, which then shifted to the hospitality industry. David found his calling in sales as he quickly rose through the ranks becoming a top salesman and regional manager. He also strategized to combine his marketing knowledge from the hospitality industry to the digital marketplace.

For over 12 years, David has focused on online marketing. He invested time learning from experts in the industry and deep diving into affiliate marketing seminars such as Yanik Silver’s Underground Marketing Seminars and the Affiliate Marketing Summits. As a result of strong relationships and implementing the knowledge of advertising on a plethora of verticals, he planted the seeds for Lifewater Media. He’s a devoted husband, father, family man, and fitness buff.

Ty Hoffer

Since graduating from the University of Texas in Austin – Red McCombs School of Business with his BBA, most of his career has been some form of outside sales, ranging from nutritional products to telecommunications to job postings to email advertising.

With almost 20 years in advertising businesses, Ty developed a strength in sales. His primary focus is to build clientele, retain current clients, and to drive revenue for company and business development.


What we learn from you drives our jobs. We make certain that we identify and fulfil the digital marketing objectives. We don’t make recommendations based on hunches, but rather on clear, rational reasoning.

Our comprehensive approach to digital marketing includes Omni Channel Programmatic Advertising, SMS and Email Marketing, Push Notification Media, 70+ Native Ad Networks, Influencers Network and Retargeting Platform and many more.


Digital media is no longer an optional component of the marketing plan. It’s a must-have these days, and the increased focus on digital media means there are more digital marketing companies to choose from than ever before.

Here’s what sets us apart from other digital marketing firms:

Creativity and the creative process
We recognise the importance of transparent procedures, as do many other organisations, to ensure that our staff is prepared to function as quickly and securely as possible with your business. Unlike other agencies, though, we do not limit ourselves by method, instead prioritising teamwork, external preparation, top-of-the-line tools, and time for innovative thinking.

Putting money into our people and our company
Businesses will reap from digital marketing for many years to come. We make significant investments in our own employees, including resources and resources to ensure that everyone is learning and improving on a daily basis. Simultaneously, we collaborate with local schools, colleges, and universities to educate the next generation of digital marketers.


I believe the industry is only going to get bigger. If there’s 50% of companies around the world that do digital marketing, then within the next ten years everyone will be doing digital marketing. From a company point of view, we always like being the leaders of the pack. Many of our competitors have ceased to exist due to their lack of regulatory compliance. We have one of the best SEC lawyers on our team to ensure everything we do is transparent and legal.

David Pena

I think there will always be a demand for small cap companies who need new awareness from investors. The way to communicate with those investors seems to be ever changing and in constant motion. The solution is to find the way to bridge the gap while adding value.

Ty Hoffer


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